Top Chef and Shapes

I'm incredibly pragmatic (I'm a sun sign Capricorn aka pragmatic to a fault) and wanted to create a project when I don't use typical ways of visualizing data, aka charts, and instead create visualizations using shapes. I'm a HUGE Top Chef fan and decided to use this show as my data source for an exploration of data through shapes. I also rarely work on larger scale projects that take up a lot of screen surface area. Top Chef has had over 200 Chef contestants so yay for lots of data! You can click to expand the images.

My Process: I first started by creating a spreadsheet with every season's contestants and then their status from each of the elimination challenges (data found from the season's wikipedia page), compiling it together, and running a few equations in google sheets to create each contestant's total numbers per season. I then played with a few different shapes but landed on these inverted triangles because I could use lines as steps for the number of competitions, the varied size and fill would be visible, and triangles are interesting to look at when they're placed in different directions in a high quantity. If I were to make it interactive, it'd be interesting to sort by season or by number of wins or highs, etc.

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Position: Fun Project

Role: Designer