Oceana, Protecting the World's Oceans

Throughout my 3.5 years at Oceana, I was the sole designer and designed all of the magazines, annual reports, much of the social media content, PSA layouts for magazines, as well as publications for the board and for the campaign side of the organization.

Position: Graphic Designer, Oceana

Role: Designer

The Oceana Annual Report

Below is variety of spreads from my last Oceana Annual Report in 2017. All maps and data visualization concepts were directed and designed to highlight Oceana's worldly focus.

The Oceana Magazine

Below is a variety of spreads created for the Oceana Magazine from 2015-2018.

Public Service Announcements

I created multiple sets of public service announcements, Instagram sets, and print campaigns. Many of these included Oceana's Ocean Advocates, celebrities who support Oceana by staring in these campaigns as well as going to events and taking trips to see endangered ocean areas.

Two examples of print public service designs placed in magazines such as Style, People, and Travel & Leisure:

a woman sitting on a beach
a woman snorkling with a shark

FinBanNow Instagram Campaign

Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor and philanthropist/environmental activist, regrammed one of Oceana's larger campaigns focusing on the Shark fin ban in 2017.