The Muppet Study

I watched a lot of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show growing up. My parents were anti-Disney--especially the princesses and their special brand of prescribed gender-normativity. As a result, the visitors and residents of Sesame Street and performers on The Muppet Show aided in my learning, laughing, and entertainment (not to mention, they’re absolutely responsible for my love of bad jokes and puns).

Over the years, my adoration for Jim Henson has never faded; because of that admiration, I decided to research the creators, characters, and performers in Henson’s universe for my final project at The General Assembly’s Front End Web Development Course in 2019/2020. This sorter is the result of my study.

Position: Student Project, General Assembly

Role: Designer and Front-End Developer


My study goes across Sesame Street, the Muppets, and assorted Muppet movies, so I created this collage of characters to show just a few of the characters involved.

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Using javascript, jquery and isotope, the buttons within the study filter and sort 150+ Muppets. You can sort through them by Muppet type and/or by show. The reset button resets the filters to the full set of Muppets. Additionally, there's a set of static infographics to further explore concepts and questions about the Muppets.